Apartment Decor Trends for 2023!

 Trend #1: Sustainable Decorating

One of the biggest 2023 home décor trends is using organic, eco-conscious materials such as bamboo, jute and cotton. We’ll start to see more natural materials in everything from furniture pieces to wall hangings. There will also be an emphasis on sustainability, especially when it comes to upcycling old furniture pieces into something entirely new — think giving that dated dresser a pop of color or salvaging wood planks to create unique shelves!

Trend #2: Vibrant Colors

Say goodbye to grey. 2023 is the year we break away. On trend with many of our communities, colors are bolder and more vibrant reflecting joy and liveliness of Spring. This year’s 2023 Paint Colors of the Year list from Better Homes and Gardens reveals a richer, more dynamic color palette than we’ve seen in years past. As we ditch all-white everything, we say hello to rich neutrals, inky blues, reds with pink undertones and hand painted murals.

To DIY this trend, break out the paintbrushes and get to work. Pair bold colors with neutrals to create balance, and don’t contain yourself to the walls. Your ceiling is a canvas for creative expression that often goes unexplored, while cabinets, kitchen islands, and even central fireplaces provide smaller spaces for bright splashes of color.

Trend #3: Thrifted Finds

2023 is here but the 1970’s are calling and making a comeback with retro-style furniture pieces, bright colors, and warm undertones. ! It’s about mixing old and new—finding that little brass trinket or perfectly worn-in basket that blends perfectly with the new items in your home. Peruse your local garage sales and thrift stores for wild patterned rugs, side tables and accent chairs. Not only is this trend gaining popularity but is perfect if you’re trying to switch things up but is budget friendly.

Trend #4: A Return to Curves

Sleek, sharp lines dominated home design trends for many years. We saw the beginning of a shift away from this in 2022, but for 2023, straight-line syndrome is officially out. An increasing number of people respond better to gentle, soft curves as a primary design motif. This change stems partly from the desire for something different and partly from curved shapes’ relaxed, natural look. Natural indoor accents like stone, wood grain, and living plants swept into 2022 with strong staying power, and 2023’s curvy shapes complement that trend beautifully. To DIY this design, you can start by replacing angular, geometric furnishings with softer, more rounded ones. Circular and oval-shaped tables, curvy shelving units, and sofas with rounded backs are all great options. Go for wall hangings and art with natural forms and big, circular clocks.