5 Hacks to Avoid Service Calls

Advice from our maintenance department at F&F for common household repairs…5 Maintenance Hacks to Avoid Service Calls:

Garbage Disposal Repair

Has your garbage disposal quit working? Try this easy tip…there’s a reset button on the bottom of the disposal under your sink. Push it to reset. 9 times out of 10, this is all that needs to happen.

Electrical Outlets

Every home has a breaker box. Most of them are in a closet or behind a door. Find it and hit the master switch to reset all the electrical.

Fill Holes in the Wall

Dab some toothpaste in it and let it harden over night. Especially on white walls this is an amazingly inexpensive fix.

Power out?

Check out sdge.com for an updated map that includes routine power outages in every area.

Toilet Running

Every toilet has a shut off valve located underneath next to the wall. Turn it to the right to shut the water off and stop it from running in an emergency.